The Naulahka

Chapter IV

Notes on the text

by Sharad Keskar, with additional notes on the chapter heading by Philip Holberton

The page and line numbers below refer to the Macmillan Uniform Edition of The Naulahka, first published in 1892 and frequently reprinted since).

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[Heading] This eighteen-line verse is to be found in The Definitive Edition of Kipling's Verse (1940). The 'burnt mountain' is Mount Etna, in Sicily.

Sula stands for Topaz.[P.H.]

Prey to the galleys of the Algerine Algiers was the home of the notorious Barbary pirates, who infested the Mediterranean for centuries.[P.H.]

For love of her for love of Kate: the necklace, the Naulahka, is in Rhatore, the Indian city where Kate is going as a nurse. Tarvin can use it both to get the railroad to Topaz and as an excuse to follow Kate.[P.H.]

[Page 40, line 21] a capital of a million a company with a nominal capital of a million dollars (then 200,000) with only 400 paid up, was not evidence of great prosperity.

[Page 40, line 31] town lots plots of land in the town for which he was agent for sale.

[Page 42, line 25] flux a substance or mixture used to promote the fusion of metals.

[Page 42, line 33] the Gulf of Mexico is at least 500 miles away from Topaz.

[Page 43, line 3] crystalline transparent.

[Page 44, line 3] stalled unable to progress further.

[Page 45, line 15] Easterner a person from one of the states of the U.S.A. on the Atlantic seaboard.

[Page 49, line 33] There's a cry from Macedonia 'Come over and help us' (see Acts 16,9).

[Page 53, line 24] little air of spectacle pretence of doing something impressive.