The New Readers' Guide
to the works of Rudyard Kipling

General Editor John Radcliffe, Verse Editor John Walker, Project Group: David Page,
Alastair Wilson, Peter Havholm, Mary Hamer, Leonee Ormond, John Slater.

Initiated and guided by George Webb, C.M.G., O.B.E.
Editor of the Kipling Journal 1980-2000.

What's new

[October 2018]

As we approach the centenary of the Armistice in November, we have just published Rodney Atwood's magisterial article on "Kipling and the Great War".

We have also reently published notes by Roger Ayers on "Shillin' a day", and "Cells", and by John Radcliffe on "To the True Romance", the 'Prelude' to Many Inventions, and "Song of the Galley-slaves". These poems complete our coverage of the poems authorised by Kipling for publication in the Sussex Edition of his verse, a task that has taken us fifteen years, the work of many hands.

We have also recently published notes by John Radcliffe on "The Greek National Anthem", and by Philip Holberton on "The Prayer of Miriam Cohen", "In the Matter of One Compass" , and "The Ballad of the Red Earl" .

Carrie Kipling's Diaries

On the 'For Members' pages of the site we have published the extracts from Carrie Kipling's diaries (1892-1935) made by Douglas Rees and Charles Carrington, with explanatory notes by Alastair Wilson. .

Click on 'For Members' on the Home page of this site, enter your username and password, and you will find a link to the diary extracts in the sidebar.

Kipling's writings on the Great War

Some tales Kipling wrote about the War and its aftermath Some poems Kipling wrote about the war: The poems Kipling wrote during the war are largely collected in The Years Between (1919)

He also wrote the official history of The Irish Guards in the Great War (1923), and many articles about aspects of the war

Themes in Kipling's works

We have developed a system through which you can search for themes and people in Kipling's works. Click here

This is not an attempt to define or pigeon-hole particular stories, but rather to give readers the chance of seeing where particular themes or references crop up in his work.

In our discussions about this system we have frequently struck issues which are not easy to resolve, and have concluded with the hope that readers will come back to us with comments and refinements. Please send any comments to the NRG Project Group via

Background to the project

This work has involved reviewing the entries in Harbord's Readers' Guide to the Works of Rudyard Kipling (the 'Old Readers' Guide' or ORG), updating and extending them, and in many cases for the tales, and for all the verse, creating new notes. Click here for details of the background to the project.

Click here for a Note for Contributors

For readers who wish to take a look at the Old Readers' Guide, a
note by John Walker is attached.

'Uncollected' stories

The following thirty-eight stories and articles are uncollected save for their appearance in the Sussex Edition (and in the Unites States, the Burwash Edition). Because they are comparatively inaccessible to the general reader, we are publishing the full text of these works on this site together with the notes, and the associated poems.

General Articles

In addition to the notes on specific works, the Guide includes a number of 'General Articles', which cover a wide range of themes, including :

For Collectors

Some notes by David Alan Richards on various Kipling: curiosities of interest to collectors:

Kipling in America, 1892-1896

A symposium on Kipling's four years in America after his marriage to Caroline Balestier, was held at Marlboro College near Brattleboro Vermont, on October 7th 2013. Click here for details.

Rudyard Kipling: an international writer

A very successful international conference at London University on was held on October 21st and 22nd 2011. Click here for a list of the papers presented, with links to abstracts. The Conference was organised by the School of English at the University of Kent, and directed by Dr Jan Montefiore, and sponsored by the Kipling Society.

The Kent Conference

An earlier international conference at the University of Kent on Kipling studies was held on September 7th and 8th 2007. Click here for a list of the papers presented, with links to abstracts; papers shown in red are available in full. The Conference was organised by the School of English to mark the centenary of Kipling's Nobel Prize for Literature. It was directed by Dr Jan Montefiore, author of the recent study of Kipling's writings, and sponsored by the Kipling Society.

Kipling Journal back-numbers

We have made the 12,000 or so pages of Kipling Journal back-numbers available on line as pdf files (apart from the eight most recent issues) to all users of this Guide. Members of the Society can use the whole run.

Click here
to see one or more of the available back-numbers and use the search system to find a word or phrase.

Click here if you wish to join the Society.


Editors and contributors have committed a substantial amount of work to the NRG, much of which is original. By agreeing to contribute, they are giving the Society the right to publish their work freely on the web. If commercial publication in any form is envisaged, their author's rights remain.

The Kipling Society allows users of the NRG on line, whether or not they are members of the Society, to freely download sections to their computers, or to print them out for personal use. If any wider use is envisaged, this cannot be permitted without prior authorisation from the Society. Please send any enquiries to

To illustrate these notes the Society has made use of a number of pictures from various sources, which we believe to be out of copyright. We can make no commitment, however, to permit the downloading of such illustrations or their use elsewhere.

Guidance on the verse

We have made a
list of the principal collections in which Kipling's verse has appeared over the years, with the abbreviations we will be using in the indexing system.

We have indexed the notes on the verse by titles, first lines, collections, and in date order, including a good deal of material which has only previously been published in the Harbord Guide (the ORG) From "The Main Works" in the sidebar you will find lists of main verse collections, indexed as above..

There is also a full list of the 'Definitive Version' of the Verse.

Using the Guide

There is a section of the Guide for each story, poem, and other work. To find the stories you can click on The stories listed in the red sidebar on the left (or from the links below), which is an alphabetical list of all the stories.

Those stories for which we have an entry are in red, and if you click on them this will take you to the entry. In most cases there is an introductory page, from which you can jump to detailed notes on the text. You can also find stories via The stories in their collections in the sidebar - or from the links below.

Wherever you are in the Guide, a click on the grey and red Readers' Guide logo in the top left hand corner will take you back to this page. A click on the Elephant's head (Ganesha) logo at the top of the sidebar will take you back to the Home-page for the site.

Notes on
Kipling's Verse


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Notes on
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