City of
Dreadful Night

January-February 1888

A Real Live City
The Reflections of a Savage
The Council of the Gods
On the Banks of the Hughli
With the Calcutta Police
The City of Dreadful Night
Deeper and Deeper Still
Concerning Lucia

Chapter VII


Notes edited by David Page.
In preparing these notes, the present Editor
has drawn where appropriate on the ORG.

References explained in earlier chapters of
this series on Calcutta (now Kolkata) are not repeated.

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First Publication

5th April, 1888 in the Pioneer, 7th April, 1888 in the Week’s News, 11th April, 1888 in the Pioneer Mail. In these newspapers, the chapter title was “THE CITY OF DREADFUL NIGHT, II”.

Notes on the text

[Verse heading] These lines are from The Palace of Art by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892). (ORG)

[Page 254, line 6] Inferno from Divina Commedia, the greatest work of Dante (1265-1321), the Italian poet. A description of Hell. (ORG)

[Page 257, line 15] Bentinck Street runs southwards from the junction of Lal Bazar and Bow Bazar.

[Page 259, line 13] Struldbrugs they lived in Luggnagg and appeared in Gulliver's Travels, Part III, Chapter X, by Jonathan Swift (1667-1745). (ORG)

[Page 259, line 14] Laputa this was the flying island in Gulliver's Travels, Part III, Chapter I. (ORG)

[Page 259, line 15] Two annas an anna is one-sixteenth of a rupee or about one old penny.

[Page 259, line 29] Joss-houses Chinese temples.

[Page 260, line 1] Old Council House Street runs parallel with Old Court House Street but on the other (western) side of Dalhousie Square.


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