Debits and

General Introduction
by Lisa Lewis and George Kieffer

The Enemies to Each Other
Sea Constables: A Tale of '15 The Vineyard
The Changelings
In the Interests of the Brethren 'Banquet Night'
The United Idolaters To the Companions
The Centaurs
The Wish House Late Came the God
The Janeites The Survival
Jane's Marriage
The Prophet and the Country The Portent
Gow's Watch: Act IV Sc. 4
The Bull that Thought Alnaschar and the Oxen
A Madonna of the Trenches Gipsy Vans
Gow's Watch: Act V Sc. 3
The Propagation of Knowledge The Birthright
A Friend of the Family The Legend of Truth
We and They
On the Gate, a Tale of '16 The Supports
The Eye of Allah Untimely
The Last Ode
The Gardener The Burden