Hot kisses on red lips that burn—
A silence—Then some loving word.—
Two hearts that parted yearn—
A parting long deferred—

Another kiss—What harm is this I do?
Another vow of Love that cannot die,—
Then far asunder thou and I
Wait the long blank days thro'.

Oh Love, believe me! I have never failed
In all my passion, for a moment's space,
Oh Love believe me—Years shall ne'er efface
The memory of thy beauty & thy grace,
Till Life by Death be veiled

For Time and all Eternity I hold
Firm fixed to thee—If the strong Powers will
That thou should'st cease to love me—still
My Love becomes not cold.

One moment longer, ere these lines be thrown
In fire that is cooler than my soul,—
Pray thou, that of our sin—the whole
Be borne by me alone—