IF you've ever stole a pheasant-egg be'ind the keeper's back, 1
If you've ever snigged the washin' from the line, 2
If you've ever crammed a gander in your bloomin' 'aversack, 3
You will understand this little song o' mine. 4
But the service rules are 'ard, an' from such we are debarred, 5
For the same with English morals does not suit. 6
(Cornet: Toot! toot!) 6a
W'y, they call a man a robber if 'e stuffs 'is marchin' clobber 7
With the
(Chorus) Loo! loo! Lulu! lulu! Loo! loo! Loot! loot! loot!


Ow the loot! 1C1
Bloomin' loot! 1C2
That's the thing to make the boys git up an' shoot! 1C3
It's the same with dogs an' men, 1C4
If you'd make 'em come again 1C5
Clap 'em forward with a Loo! loo! Lulu! Loot! 1C6
(ff) Whoopee! Tear 'im, puppy! Loo! loo! Lulu! 1C7
Loot! loot! loot! 1C8

If you've knocked a nigger edgeways when 'e's thrustin' for your life,
You must leave 'im very careful where 'e fell; 10
An' may thank your stars an' gaiters if you didn't feel 'is knife 11
That you ain't told off to bury 'im as well. 12
Then the sweatin' Tommies wonder as they spade the beggars under 13
Why lootin' should be entered as a crime; 14
So if my song you'll 'ear, I will learn you plain an' clear 15
'Ow to pay yourself for fightin' overtime.

(Chorus) With the loot, . . .


Now remember when you're 'acking round a gilded Burma god

That 'is eyes is very often precious stones; 18
An' if you treat a nigger to a dose o' cleanin'-rod 19
'E's like to show you everything 'e owns. 20
When 'e won't prodooce no more, pour some water on the floor 21
Where you 'ear it answer 'ollow to the boot 22
(Cornet: Toot! toot!) 22a
When the ground begins to sink, shove your baynick down the chink, 23
An' you're sure to touch the 24
(Chorus) Loo! loo! Lulu! Loot! loot! loot!

Ow the loot! . . .


When from 'ouse to 'ouse you're 'unting, you must always work in pairs 25
It 'alves the gain, but safer you will find 26
For a single man gets bottled on them twisty-wisty stairs, 27
An' a woman comes and clobs 'im from be'ind. 28
When you've turned 'em inside out, an' it seems beyond a doubt 29
As if there weren't enough to dust a flute 30
(Cornet: Toot! toot!) 30a
Before you sling your 'ook, at the 'ousetops take a look, 31
For it's underneath the tiles they 'ide the loot.

Ow the loot! . . . 4C1

You can mostly square a Sergint an' a Quartermaster too,

If you only take the proper way to go; 34
I could never keep my pickin's, but I've learned you all I knew 35
An' don't you never say I told you so. 36
An' now I'll bid good-bye, for I'm gettin' rather dry, 37
An' I see another tunin' up to toot 38
(Cornet: Toot! toot!) 38a
So 'ere's good-luck to those that wears the Widow's clo'es, 39
An' the Devil send 'em all they want o' loot!


(Chorus) Yes, the loot, 5C1
Bloomin' loot! 5C2
In the tunic an' the mess-tin an' the boot! 5C3
It's the same with dogs an' men, 5C4
If you'd make 'em come again 5C5
(fff) Whoop 'em forward with a Loo! loo! Lulu! 5C6
Loot! loot! loot! 5C6a
Heeya! Sick 'im, puppy! Loo! loo! Lulu! 5C7
Loot! loot! loot! 5C8