The unveiling of the RK bust at the Sir JJ. School of Applied Art, Mumbai

A specially commissioned bust of Rudyard Kipling, created by the sculptor N.L. Sonavadekar, was unveiled in January at the Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy School of Art in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), where Lockwood Kipling taught. The bust was accompanied by a display panel entitled 'Kipling: a Photo Journey". The unveiling was perfomed by Mr Rustom J. Jejeebhoy, a direct descendant of Sir Jamsetjee.

The Dean, himself a graduate of the School and now an artist, designer and administrator with a national reputation, has kindly sent us this photographic record of the unveiling.

Mr Rustum J Jejeebhoy unveiling and garlanding Rudyard's bust.

From left to right: Prof M G Rajadhyashaksa, Dean of Sir JJ
Institute of Applied Art; Mr N L Sonavadekar, the Sculptor;
and Mr Rustom J Jejeebhoy, the chief guest, with Rudyard's bust.

A profile of the bust

A display panel at the unveiling site, entitled
'Rudyard Kipling - A photo Journey'

The audience at the function

The Dean, Prof. M G Rajadhyashaksa,
whose idea of installing Rudyard's bust
came into existence.