The Kipling Mailbase

Anyone interested in exchanging ideas or questions about RK via the web, mcan join the Rudyard Kipling discussion forum, which uses the well established academic 'mailbase' system.

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Any member of the 'rudyard-kipling' list can exchange messages by email with everyone else on the list. It is a simple informal system for corresponding with other Kipling enthusiasts anywhere in the world. There are currently some 120 members.

The issues raised have ranged widely, including the 'bomb' in 'Mary Postgate', What RK meant by the expression 'dowey old cassowary' used of Mary by Wynn, the meaning of 'ikona', the possible whereabouts of the picture associated with the poem 'The Vampire', Caroline Kipling's childhood, how to find particular rare editions, on-line sources of Kipling poems, the poem The City of Dreadful Night from which RK took the expression, and echoes of spiritualism in the story 'They'. Click here for the admin page of the mailbase, where you can register as a member, de-register, set or change your password, and find the archive of earlier correspondence.

There is no charge for joining. If you have any problems getting yourself on, email to