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The books have recently been reorganised, and the Case/Shelf references on the web-site reflect this. Within a book a pencilled ‘72.1’ indicates the first section of Shelf 2 in Case 7.

The hard copy of the catalogue has not yet been reprinted, and still shows the old Case/Shelf references. We apologise for the inconvenience, which will be temporary. J.S.
The books are catalogued in two main sections according to whether they are mainly BY Kipling or ABOUT him. These sections are divided into forty-six sub-sections. A click on the name of the sub-section will take you to that part of the catalogue.

The first two columns give the number and name of the sub-section. The third column refer to the bookcases and the shelves within them. (Thus ‘63’ means shelf 3 on case 6)
Within sub-sections the books are listed alphabetically by author and title. They normally appear on the shelves in this order but there are occasional exceptions. Thus copies of the two Jungle Books are grouped together as are the individually bound tales from Just So Stories.

A few outsize books are on shelf 25. Books are hardbound unless it is stated otherwise.
No. Sub-section Case/
No. Sub-section Case/
1 Collected Editions 11-16 11 Critical Editions - Prose 83
2 Standard Editions - Prose 72-75 12 Critical Editions - Verse 82
3 Standard Editions - Verse 63 13 Critical Editions - Letters 84
4 Wheeler's Railway Library 21 14 Critical Editions - Miscellaneous 83
5 Journals of Early Publication 76-77
15 Critical Anthologies 84
6 Early Editions, Mostly Unauthorised 24 16 Miscellanea 25
7 Kipling Anthologies 82 17 Adaptations - Drama 35
8 With Other Writers 22 18 Adaptations - Film, TV, etc. 35
9 General Anthologies 92 19 Adaptations - Musical 35
10 Translations 85-86 20 Copies of letters by RK and others ?


No. Sub-section Case/
No. Sub-section Case/
21 Biography 34 34 Guides to Kipling 14
22 Kipling's Reading and Sources 21 35 Linguistics, etc. 42
23 Family Background 23 36 Bibliography, Catalogues, etc. 26
24 United Services College 23 37 Recordings - Musical 35
25 Freemasonry 25 38 Recordings - Speech 35
26 Horace 22 39 Illustrations, Videos, etc. 37
27 Contemporary Memoirs etc. 93-94 40 Parody and Humour 25
28 England 96 41 Newspaper Cuttings 64
29 India 95 42 Working Papers 33,37
30 North America 96 43 Kipling Journal 61-62
31 Rest of the World 96 44 Individual Criticism 51-53
32 Kiplingiana 27 45 General Literary Criticism 54-55
33 Miscellaneous 92 46 Critical Collections etc. 53

The catalogue also lists articles in the Critical Collections, Editors of Critical Editions and Illustrators (mainly of Kipling) represented on the shelves.

We have not yet got round to listing foreign translations of Kipling’s works but they can be found in 85 and 86.
Hard copies of John and Marian Morgan’s Kipling Journal Index arranged by Subject and by Author are also available. Apart from the bound volumes of the Journal there is an almost complete run

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