"Bravest Deeds and
Fearless in Duty"

By David Alan Richards

Throughout his writing life, the work of Rudyard Kipling often first appeared on newspapers and magazines. Many - McClure's, Saturday Evening Post, and The Century in America, and Cassell's, Pearson's, and The Strand in England - were well known in their day, but others were more obscure then, and are now lost to memory. One such in the United States was The Youth's Companion, a weekly "Illustrated Family Paper". The Youth's Companion was published in Boston, Massachusetts by Perry Mason Company "to stimulate a healthy ambition for high ideals." Kipling's article 'Winning the Victoria Cross' was published in The Youth's Companion for 3 June 1897 (and in England, effectively simultaneously as was the business custom of Kipling's agent A.P. Watt in placing the author's periodical work, in Windsor Magazine for June 1897).